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ITS Networking & Telecommunications

Station Cable

Station cable is used to connect computers, telephones, and other devices to campus networks. The current standard for intrabuilding station cable is

  • Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)
  • Category 5E (CAT 5E)
  • Plenum-rated

Station cable runs from jacks on a communications outlet to a nearby Communications Room.

The usual office configuration is a communications outlet with three or four jacks, Each jack can be activated to connect to either a data device (using an Ethernet patch cable) or to a traditional telephone (using an RJ line cord).

Communications Rooms are located throughout a building and are in turn connected to a Building Entrance Room (BE) usually located in the basement of the building. From the BE, fiber optic cable extends the data lines from the building to the campus backbone network, while copper cable extends the traditional phone lines to the campus CS2K switch.

Station Cable Network

Orders and Rates

  • Routine
    Installing or activating station cable in an existing campus building for ten (10) or fewer voice or data lines is considered a Routine Order. Routine Orders should be placed through the Online Service Center. See Line Installation/​Activation Rates for rate information.

  • Coordinated
    Station cable for new construction, major renovation, or more than ten voice or data lines is considered a Coordinated Request. Coordinated Requests are handled through an Telecom Project Manager.

Additional Information

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