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ITS Networking & Telecommunications

Cellular on Campus

Update: Cellular on North Campus

U-M will be ending our contract with the current 3rd party provider on April 15, 2015. After April 15, ITS will assume responsibility for the existing infrastructure and negotiate directly with the carriers for additional service. We are currently working with the carriers to ensure most of our current service continues.

This change has the following effects on cellular service on North Campus:

Verizon has installed five exterior "small cells" on north campus. These will continue to operate and may provide improved indoor coverage for some buildings. They are located at:

  1. Gerstacker rooftop
  2. Parking lot east of Lurie
  3. E.V. Moore rooftop
  4. Walgreen rooftop
  5. 2455 Hayward parking lot

There are five buildings that have indoor proprietary infrastructure. This infrastructure will continue for now, but at some point it will be shut down. Verizon does not wish to continue with it. We do not have a timeline for when this equipment will shut down, and there is a possibility that this equipment will shut down as soon as April 15th. We are attempting to get an update, and will keep you informed as more information becomes available. The buildings affected are:

  1. EECS
  2. CSE/Beyster
  3. GG Brown
  4. Dow
  5. Duderstadt

AT&T has completed a substantial amount of work to design a macrocell for the rooftop of EECS. AT&T continues to express interest, however, there is no contract or timeline at this time. We continue to encourage AT&T to proceed with this project.

The vast majority of University of Michigan faculty, staff and students use one or more cellular device. Cellular carriers provide cellular service—not U-M. The demand for and use of mobile devices continues to increase on campus. This web site provides information about cellular projects and products that may be of interest to U-M faculty, staff and students, as well as links to information provided by commercial carriers.

Enhanced Cellular Coverage Project

Enhanced Cellular Coverage project information, as well as background and building cellular coverage data from a survey completed in 2010.

Purchasing and Using a Cellular Phone

Cellular phones services purchased using a U-M ShortCode are processed through Purchasing Services. Please refer to the Procurement Services website for more information.

U-M faculty and staff may also qualify for a carrier discount when departmental funds are not used. Please refer to Faculty/Staff Mcard Discounts for more information

Information about the National Do Not Call Registry and cellular phones is available online at The Truth About Wireless Phones and the National Do-Not-Call List and Unwanted Telephone Marketing Calls.

Visit the Mobile Apps Center (Mobile Development and Applications at the University of Michigan) to find information about U-M specific mobile applications as well as access to resources for developers who are interested in using their creativity, passion and knowledge of technology to design solutions that enhance the way we connect and share information.