Cellular on Campus

The vast majority of University of Michigan faculty, staff and students use one or more cellular devices on campus. The demand for and use of mobile devices continues to increase.

Note that while U-M will assist cellular carriers in providing service by providing access to U-M property, ultimately the carriers provide the cellular service—not U-M. This web site provides information about cellular projects and products that may be of interest to U-M faculty, staff and students, as well as links to information provided by commercial carriers.

Update: Cellular on North Campus

ITS previously announced that U-M was ending the contract with our third-party provider, effective April 15, 2015. In that announcement, U-M also notified campus that at the end of this contract, five buildings which have indoor proprietary infrastructure (EECS, CSE/Beyster, GG Brown, Dow, and Duderstadt) may have that equipment shut down as soon as April 15.

We are happy to announce that U-M has arranged to acquire all equipment in these buildings and plans to license it to Verizon. Verizon has indicated that they plan to operate this equipment for the foreseeable future. Verizon further states that they intend to eventually transition from this proprietary equipment to something else but for now the service will remain as is.

Therefore, there is no expected change in cellular service on North Campus, as previously announced. We will continue to provide updates on cellular coverage as they occur.