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ITS Networking & Telecommunications


Note: to avoid "surprises" on your phone bill, check whether your call is local or tolled with our Local Calling Area listings.

University of Michigan Directories

MCommunity Directory

Faculty & Staff Directory
Printed copies of the U-M Faculty & Staff Directory may be obtained through the Office of Marketing Communications, either online or by calling (734) 764-9270.

U-M Dearborn User Directory

AT&T Telephone Directories

To request an AT T Telephone Directory call 1-800-346-4377.

AT&T 1-800-YellowPages

Free Directory Assistance

Callers may obtain free national directory service by calling 1-800-935-5697. While there is no charge for the information, any applicable cell phone minutes will be charged.

The caller may obtain one residential, business or government telephone number per call. The caller must listen to advertisements before being connected to a call prompter.

Additional information about this service is available on the AT&T 1-800-YellowPages website.

National Directories

AT&T, national US directory, allows you to search by number, part of a number, or by street address. Includes reverse lookup and area code lookup.

AT&T Toll-Free 800 Directory

BigYellow (Verizon)
Online version of the NYNEX yellow pages. Listings are searchable by business name and type.

Yellow and white pages services, business listings, email address, fax and toll-free numbers. World directories are also available.

Switchboard USA White Pages
Find people, businesses, Web sites, email addresses, area and zip codes. You can also search by phone number.

Yahoo People Search
Find people anywhere in the USA.

International Directories

Canada Yellow Pages
Directory of business online plus news and classifieds.

European yellow page guide available in many languages.