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ITS Networking & Telecommunications

Order Estimator

This estimator can be used to get the general cost for a routine order. A more specific estimate will be provided when an order is placed.

Please choose a service to estimate:

  • General estimates are based on:
    • existing conduit
    • no access restrictions to conduit (such as junction boxes or impacted raceways)
    • no special needs (for non-standard situations, see the Special Needs tab)
    • wire length of 220 feet (this is the average distance between the jack in the room and the connection point in the communications closet)
  • The actual charge for an order may be higher than the estimate if the wire distance is greater, access is restricted, or there are special needs.
  • There is only one service order charge if similar jobs are combined into one order.
  • Expedited orders are charged at time and a half (1.5 x labor charge) and the expedited service order charge is $125 per order.