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ITS Networking & Telecommunications

Exchange Voice Mail

Exchange Voice Mail has all the basic features of traditional voice mail services plus some advanced features.

Mailbox Size
  • 10MB
Message Access
  • Phone
  • Outlook Web App (OWA)
  • Personal email (copies of messages only; originals remain in voice mailbox until deleted)
Phone Interfaces
  • Speech (voice commands)
  • Touchtone (key commands)
OWA or Email Interfaces
  • Audio file
  • Speech-to-text
Additional Features
  • Receive fax messages
  • EX-VCML $1.40/month

Northwood Residents/​Students: voice mail charges are covered in your rent; there is no additional charge.
How to Order Department account administrators can order voice mail for staff members through the Online Service Center under Add/Cancel Phone Features.

Northwood Residents/Students can order voice mail using the Exchange Voice Mail Request Form.