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ITS Networking & Telecommunications

Exchange Voice Mail

Exchange email and voicemail and Cisco Unity voicemail will not be billed for usage between January and April 2017. These services appear on your billing statements as EX-MAILBOX, EX-VCML, and FT-VCML, respectively. The items will appear on your billing statements, but the charge will be $0.00. Starting in May 2017, Exchange email rates return to $4.00 per month, and Exchange and Cisco Unity voicemail return to $1.20 per month.

Exchange Voice Mail has all the basic features of traditional voice mail services plus some advanced features.

Mailbox Size
  • 10MB
Message Access
  • Phone
  • Outlook Web App (OWA)
  • Personal email (copies of messages only; originals remain in voice mailbox until deleted)
Phone Interfaces
  • Speech (voice commands)
  • Touchtone (key commands)
OWA or Email Interfaces
  • Audio file
  • Speech-to-text
Additional Features
  • Receive fax messages
  • EX-VCML $0.00/month

Northwood Residents/​Students: voice mail charges are covered in your rent; there is no additional charge.
How to Order Department account administrators can order voice mail for staff members through the Online Service Center under Add/Cancel Phone Features.

Northwood Residents/Students can order voice mail using the Exchange Voice Mail Request Form.

Voice Mail Over-Quota Mailbox Policy

The Exchange Voicemail Server notifies users by email when their voice mailbox is nearing (or exceeds) the 50MB storage limit. At that time the user should contact Customer Service if they need assistance in accessing the Outlook Web Application to delete messages, missed calls, etc. to free up space in their mailbox.

If there is no response after 30 days, the voice mailbox will be removed, voicemail configurations will be modified, and the monthly charge will end at that time.

If the user contacts Customer Service to have the voice mailbox rebuilt after it has been removed, the department ID manager or proxy will need to submit a request to install a new voice mailbox. One-time charges will apply.