ITS IP Voice Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IP?
IP stands for Internet Protocol. This protocol is a set of standards and techniques for transmitting data over the Internet.

What are IP Voice Services?
IP Voice Services are voice applications provided over the Internet. Examples are IP-based phone calls and Contact Centers.

What types of phones are supported?
Wired, wireless, and analog gateways are supported. See IP Equipment. Softphones will be supported soon.

Can I still use an analog phone and fax machine?
Yes. There are Cisco gateway solutions that allow analog devices to communicate with the IP-based phone system.

What is the recommended softphone client?
We are investigating Cisco IPC for Windows and Counterpath Bria for Mac OS.

Will I be able to use a U-M IP Voice Services softphone from my home network?
If you are logged in through the U-M Virtual Private Network (VPN), you may be able to use your softphone from home.

What is an IP Contact Center?
An IP Contact Center (aka Call Center) is a highly customizable IP solution for a unit that needs to handle multiple phone calls. See IP Contact Center.

Is voice mail available on an IP phone?
Yes. IP Voice Services integrates with Exchange Voice Mail Services.

How are IP Voice Services supported?
Individuals can call Repair at 7-8888 (734-647-8888) for any voice service problem.

How do I report a voice quality issue from my phone?
If there is a voice quality issue while you are on a call (for example echoing or static) you can press the Quality Reporting Tool (QRT) softkey to automatically generate a notice to Repair. This allows support staff to immediately begin to work towards a resolution.