ITS IP Voice Services

Quick Start Guide

This guide describes basic IP phone tasks. Cisco End-User Guides provide information about additional features available on your phone.

Learn how to:


Phone Display

Place a Call

In addition to simply lifting the handset and dialing, you can:

Answer a Call

When a new call rings on your phone, you'll see these indicators:

Incoming Call

To answer the call, lift the handset. Or press the flashing amber button or the Answer softkey.

If you get a second call while you're talking on the first call, a second window opens.

Press the Answer softkey to connect the second call, which puts the first call on hold automatically.

Keep these tips in mind when you're handling multiple calls:

Send a Call to Voice Mail

To easily send a call to voice mail, just press iDivert when the call is ringing, connected, or on hold.

Put a Call On Hold

To put an answered call on hold, press the Hold softkey.

The hold icon appears and the line button flashes green.

To retrieve a call from hold, press the flashing green button or the Resume softkey.

Call on Hold

Keep in mind:

Transfer a Call

Transfer a Call

To transfer a call:

  1. Start from a connected call (not on hold).
  2. Press the Transfer softkey.
  3. Dial the transfer recipient's number (or use speed dial).
  4. Wait for the recipient to answer or skip to Step 5.
  5. Press Transfer again to complete the transfer.

Forward Calls

To redirect all incoming calls to another number:

  1. Press the CFwdALL softkey.
  2. Enter a phone number, or press a speed dial button or the Messages button (to forward to voice mail).

Forward Calls

To verify that Call Forward All is active, look for the call forward icon and the "Forwarded to" phone number.

To cancel Call Forward All, press CFwdALL again. (You may need to press the more softkey first.)

Create a Conference Call

Using Conference (Confrn) to call participants

Using Conference

  1. Start with a connected call (not on hold) to which you want to add one or more conference participants.
  2. Press the Confrn softkey. (You may need to press the more softkey first.)
  3. Enter a participant's phone number.
  4. At any time after the call starts ringing, press Confrn again to begin the conference.

Repeat these steps to add participants.

To view a list of conference participants, press ConList. To remove a conference participant, highlight the participant's name on ConList and press Remove.

Use Online Help

Press Help Button and select a topic.

Access Voice Messages

Press Messages Button to connect to your Exchange Voice Mail mailbox.

Set Up Speed Dial Numbers and Call Forwarding

  1. From your computer, go to the Self Care Portal web page and log in.
    (Obtain the portal URL, your user name, and initial password from the system administrator at
    NOTE: You will be required to change your initial password at first login.
    To change your password, click General Settings in the top menu. Enter and confirm a new password.

  2. To set up Speed Dial Numbers, click Phones (in the top menu) then Phone Settings (in the left menu).
    Under Speed Dial Numbers, click Add New Speed Dial and fill in form with:
    • Number (person's phone number as it would be dialed from a U-M phone)
    • Label (name of person)
    • Speed Dial (short number to dial)
    Click Save.

  3. To set up Call Forwarding, click Phones (in the top menu) then Call Forwarding (in the left menu).
    Select Add a new number and enter a phone number as it would be dialed from a U-M phone.
    Click Save.

  4. Click Sign Out under your user name.