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ITS Networking & Telecommunications


Billing Holiday for Exchange Services

The ITS Exchange Service provides voicemail boxes for all U-M phones and email for a small number of researchers with specific requirements, primarily in the Colleges of Engineering and Literature, Sciences and the Arts. These services appear on your billing statements as EX-VCML and EX-MAILBOX respectively.

Due to these reduced costs, effective February 2016, the new rates for voicemail (EX-VCML) will be $1.20 per month for each voicemail account and email (EX-MAILBOX) will be $4.00 per month for each email account.

Please feel free to share this information with staff in your unit responsible for reviewing your billing statements.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with this service. If you have any questions about your billing, please call 763-2000 and select Option 4, or you can email itcombill@umich.edu


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