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Conference Telephones (Traditional)

For IP conference telephones and accessories, see IP Voice Equipment.

Photo of Item Z-010415 Microphone Kit (Wired) for Cisco 8831
Item Number: Z-010415
Manufacturer: Cisco Systems (CP-MIC-WIRED-S=)
Price: $185.85

This kit includes two external microphones that connect to the Cisco 8831 Unified IP Conference Station. The microphones extend the voice coverage area and enhance speaker volume output.

Photo of Item Z-006652 Extension Microphone Kit for SoundStation2
Item Number: Z-006652
Manufacturer: POLYCOM (2200-16155-001)
Price: $213.29

Photo of Item Z-006651 SoundStation2 Conference Phone w/o Ext. Mic
Item Number: Z-006651
Manufacturer: POLYCOM (2200-16200-001)
Price: $480.21

Polycom's next generation full-duplex technology allows you to talk and listen at the same time, just as naturally as if you were in the same room - no clipping and no distortion like you get with ordinary speakerphones.

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