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ITS Networking & Telecommunications


IP Telephones

See IP Voice Services for more information.

Photo of Item Z-003142 AC Power Cord for Power Cube
Item Number: Z-003142
Manufacturer: Cisco Systems (CP-PWR-CORD-NA)
Price: $5.31

Photo of Item Z-006351 Footstand Kit for Single 7914, 7915, 7916
Item Number: Z-006351
Manufacturer: Cisco Systems (CP-SINGLFOOTSTAND)
Price: $17.52

For expanding the Cisco 7962G or 7965G phone sets. Required additional equipment for using Expansion Module (Z-009239), Cisco Power Cube 3 (Z-008105), Cord for Power Cube 3 (Z-003142). Limited Quantity Available. End-Of-Life

Photo of Item Z-008105 IP Phone Power Transformer for the 7900
Item Number: Z-008105
Manufacturer: Cisco Systems (CP-PWR-CUBE-3)
Price: $23.90

Photo of Item Z-010964 IP Phone Power Transformer for the 89/9900 Phone S
Item Number: Z-010964
Manufacturer: (CP-PWR-CUBE-4=)
Price: $34.52

May be needed for Cisco 8841, 8845 & 8851 desk phones. Cord (Z-003142) sold separately.

Wall Mount Kit for Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series
Item Number: Z-011024
Manufacturer: (CP-8800-WMK= )
Price: $39.83

Wall Mount Kit for Cisco UC Phone 7800 Series
Item Number: Z-011023
Manufacturer: (CP-7800-WMK=)
Price: $39.83

Photo of Item Z-009909 Cisco UC Phone 6901, Charcoal, Standard Handset
Item Number: Z-009909
Manufacturer: Cisco Systems (CP-6901-C-K9)
Price: $58.41

Single-line, low profile set that is a good solution for lobbies, hallways, elevators, or other settings that have an occasional need for voice communications services. Can be wall mounted. Supports two incoming calls with call-waiting service. Fixed feature keys provide one-touch access to Hold, Redial, and Call waiting. Transfer and Conference can be supported by using the hook-switch similar to that of traditional analog phones.

Photo of Item Z-008916 Power Injector Single Port AC High Power
Item Number: Z-008916
Manufacturer: PowerDsine - Microsemi (PD-9001GR/AC)
Price: $71.86

The PowerDsine 9001G is a single port, high-power solution for remote powering of current and emerging high power applications including the CP-7937G Unified IP Conference Station.

PD-9001G Data Sheet

Photo of Item Z-010997 Cisco UC Phone 7841
Item Number: Z-010997
Manufacturer: (CP-7841-K9)
Price: $193.82

Photo of Item Z-010991 Cisco Unified IP Phone Expansion Module 8800
Item Number: Z-010991
Manufacturer: (CP-BEKEM=)
Price: $260.19

Optional for Cisco 8851 desk phones only

Photo of Item Z-010996 Cisco IP Phone 8841
Item Number: Z-010996
Manufacturer: (CP-8841-K9)
Price: $262.85

Photo of Item Z-011008 Cisco IP Phone 8845 - Camera
Item Number: Z-011008
Manufacturer: (CP-8845-K9)
Price: $305.33

Photo of Item Z-011009 Cisco IP Phone 8851 - Supports Expansion Modules
Item Number: Z-011009
Manufacturer: (CP-8851-K9)
Price: $315.95

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