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ITS Networking & Telecommunications

Authorization Code (authcode)

What is an Authcode?

An authcode is a personal 7-digit number that is required for making direct-dialed long-distance calls from a residential phone.

Your authcode is specifically assigned to you and your U-M Student Identification Number. Using your authcode ensures that billing for long-distance calls is personalized and secure. If you are the only one who knows your authcode, you can be assured that all billing is yours alone.

Do not share your authcode with anyone. Your roommates and friends are assigned different authcodes.

Obtaining an Authcode

Your authcode is pre-assigned and is available at UMphone Student Services.

To access this site you will need your computing ID (uniqname) and UMICH password.

Once you have logged in to your listing in UMphone Student Services, click on the authcode link to view your private authorization code.


  • Keep your authcode confidential.
  • Remember to logout when you leave the UMphone Student Services site.

Using Your Authcode

When you make a direct-dialed long distance call from a U-M Housing room telephone, you will hear three short beeps after dialing the number. Key in your authcode, wait a few seconds, and your call will go through.

See Dialing Information for instructions on making calls.

See Call Usage Rates for calling charges.

Authcode Billing Information

You can view your detailed telephone usage statement online at UMphone Student Services. Online statements include all monthly long distance charges, any recurring charges, and an archive of previous monthly statements.

The total of your monthly telephone charges will appear as a line item on your U-M Student Account Statement. The amount will be handled in the same manner as other University charges on the Statement.

See Student Billing Information for more about charges and payments.

Moving or Cancelling Your Authcode

You will keep the same authcode as long as you are living in U-M Housing.

If you move off-campus or don't want to use your authcode, you should cancel it by contacting ITCom Customer Service. Cancellation ensures that your authcode is disabled and no long-distance billing can be generated by it. You are responsible for all billing generated by your authcode until it is cancelled.

Restricted Authcode

If you do not pay the charges on your U-M Student Account, Student Financial Operations will put a "hold credit" on your account and you will not be able to use your authcode for making long-distance calls.

See Student Billing Information for more about charges and payments.


If you have questions about your authcode, or concerns about the charges appearing on your statement, call ITCom Customer Service at 763-2000.