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ITS Networking & Telecommunications

Abbreviated Dialing Codes

Abbreviated dialing codes (N11) were designated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for communities to use for providing easy access to services.

There is a per call charge for 411 General Directory Assistance; there are no charges for using the other abbreviated numbers.

  Dialing Availability by Campus
N11 Code Description Ann Arbor* Dearborn Flint
211 Community Info & Referral Services 9 + 211 9 + 211 N/A
  Information about local health and human services agencies.
311 Non-emergency Police Services N/A N/A 311
  Flint has a special on-campus 311 dialing code that connects to a non-emergency number at the campus Department of Public Safety (DPS). The code is not active for off-campus users.
411 General Directory Assistance 9 + 411 9 + 411 9 + 411
511 Traffic and Transportation Information N/A N/A N/A
611 Unassigned N/A N/A N/A
711 Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) 9 + 711 9 + 711 9 + 711
  Operator assistance for persons with a hearing or speech disability to use the telephone via a text telephone (TTY).
811 Underground Utility Safety 9 + 811 9 + 811 9 + 811
  Help in determining location of underground utility lines; MISS DIG in Michigan.
911 Emergency 911 911 911
  On-campus 911 connects to an emergency number at the campus Department of Public Safety (DPS).

*When calling from a University Housing Residence Hall Room or Northwood Community Apartment, do not dial 9. Simply dial the 3-digit number.