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ITS Networking & Telecommunications

Summer Program Phone Service

This service is for Summer Program participants living in residence halls.

The service includes an in-room telephone* for

  • calling campus and local numbers
  • calling long distance numbers using a pre-paid calling card (purchased from vendor of choice)
  • receiving calls from any location (campus, local, or long distance)

Lobby courtesy telephones are also available for calling Emergency (911) or campus numbers only.

* Participants housed in Mosher-Jordan or Stockwell need to request a telephone set from University Housing Conference Services.

In-Room Dialing Instructions

Emergency (Fire, Police, Medical) 911
Campus Safety and Security 763-1131
Local and Campus Calls 7-digit number
Long Distance Calls 1+ 800 access number printed on pre-paid calling card; follow voice prompts
Campus Directory Assistance 0 (U-M operator)
Telephone Repair 647-8888