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ITS Networking & Telecommunications

UMTV — The Campus Cable TV System

University of Michigan Television (UMTV) is the Ann Arbor campus cable television system that is available in over 80 campus buildings, residence halls and Northwood Community Apartments. Content for the UMTV system is composed of commercial, departmental, and selected programming services.

Channel Lineup

The UMTV channel lineup is available online. It can be downloaded and printed. The UMTV Program Guide is on channel 175. Channels produced at the University of Michigan, LRC International channels, as well as those available only in University Housing residence halls, are noted.

System Requirements

To receive UMTV, you need:

  • a cable drop (connection) at an on-campus location. (University Housing residences already have a UMTV cable drop.)
  • a digital television set that is cable ready or a computer with a digital tuner

Rates and Billing

See UMTV Rates

Ordering information

Contact the Telecom Project Manager for your unit or send email to itcom.umtv@umich.edu.

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

For UMTV reception problems, contact Repair Services at 647-8888.