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UMTV Frequently Asked Questions

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Coaxial CableFollow these steps:

  1. Connect a coaxial cable from the UMTV wall outlet to the input port on the back of your cable-ready TV.

  2. Connect the TV power cord to the wall electrical outlet and turn on TV.

  3. Using your TV remote, select Menu and then select and run the Auto-Setup feature. Refer to your user manual for instructions.

If you're not receiving cable TV after following these instructions, double-check all coaxial connections. If there's still no reception, contact ITS Repair Service at 647-8888.

The UMTV system offers only digital channels. Old style, analog televisions will not work on the UMTV system.

Yes, UMTV offers SD and HD digital stations. Any tuner that can receive an HD or SD signal will work. There is no need to decode UMTV digital signals as they are delivered using clear QAM.

No, you do not need a converter box to receive the HD channels if you have an HD compatible television.

The minimum hardware required to view HD channels is an HD compatible television. Television sets should be purchased based on the user's preferences and needs. Users are encouraged to use the same consumer product resources they would when evaluating and purchasing other electronic equipment. UMTV staff do not evaluate television sets nor do they provide recommendations on which sets work best.

No, HD programming can only be viewed on an HD compatible television set.

Due to the technology differences between analog and digital television, multiple digital channels can fit within one channel. This is similar to radio channels, which also use decimals.

Yes, the HD channels can be programmed using the Auto-Setup option on most sets. However, this may vary depending on the manufacturer of the television set.

The channel lineup selection is made by University Housing from a list of programming packages available from our vendor. The current channel lineup represents the broadest programming choices at the best price point. Additional programming can be purchased but will result in an overall cost increase to all UMTV viewers. University Housing must approve changes or additions to the current lineup.

Only Digital televisions that have SD or HD capabilities will be able to view the SD and/or HD programming on UMTV.

You need to run a channel scan:

  • Select auto-tune on the TV.
  • Select cable. This will discover one channel and activate the tuner in the set.
  • The first prompt will tell you to contact Westinghouse. This is not required to activate the tuner.
  • Select next.
  • The next prompt will ask you for the QAM tuner activation code. Enter 14159.
  • The channel scan will start after the correct code is put in.
  • After the scan is completed, you should have all of the channels.

Your TV needs an upgrade. Go to Sony Television Support, search on the model number for your TV and follow the instructions for upgrading your TV.

We have found that some TVs will not tune in all of the channels. This is a problem with the tuner in the TV. You will need to contact the manufacturer with the TV model number and date of purchase to get their recommendation for a solution or upgrade procedure.

If the tuner in your DVR supports signals transmitted in a Clear QAM format, then it will be able to receive and record all of the digital and HD channels. (There is one exception with TiVo DVR. See "Will a TiVo DVR work with UMTV" below.)

Yes, it will, with one exception.The tuner in a TiVo DVR does not recognize channel numbers that have a dash or dot in the number such as 2.1, 4.1, 7.1 etc. These channels use local channel numbers and we have to carry them with this numbering format. The TiVo box will tune them in but you will not be able to record future programs on these channels. We have duplicated these channels in standard definition on channels 301 through 313 so that you can get programing information for them and record the content there.

To restore the programing guide you will need to repeat the Guided Setup on your TiVo.

If this does not resolve the problem, contact TiVo Support.