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ITS Networking & Telecommunications

U-M Virtual Private Network (VPN)


The U-M Virtual Private Network (VPN) is available to all University of Michigan students, faculty, staff, and sponsored affiliates who have a valid U-M uniqname and umich Kerberos password. It provides an encrypted VPN for all network-computing needs. Using the Cisco VPN client—along with the appropriate U-M VPN profile—provides a secure computing experience when accessing a University of Michigan network from a remote location or when using a wireless connection. If you already have the Cisco VPN Client installed on your computer, simply import the U-M VPN profile(s) for your Operating System.

A separate profile is also available for U-M alumni and retirees. See the FAQ for more information about this profile.

Supported Operating Systems

Known Issues & Bugs

Make sure your computer is updated and secure

Unsupported Operating Systems

For Assistance or Questions

Contact the ITS Service Center:

734-764-HELP (764-4357)