Connecting to MWireless

It only takes a few minutes to configure a device to use MWireless. Once configured, access is automatic. MWireless is recommended for all University of Michigan students, faculty and staff who have a valid U-M uniqname and UMICH password. MWireless is also available to Departmentally Sponsored People.

What You Need

  1. A synchronized uniqname and UMICH password

  2. A campus-compatible WiFi device

  3. An MWireless location

Set Up Your Device

Option 1: Automated Configuration

Use the easy, automated tool to configure your device for MWireless:

NOTE: To use this tool, you must have administrator privileges on the device.

Option 2: Manual Configuration

Can't use the automated tool? Use these instructions to configure your device manually:

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Report a Trouble Zone

Mention MWireless on Twitter—include building, room and operating system details.

MWireless uses WPA2-Enterprise to allow network access and to provide strong security, including data encryption, and is the preferred method for WiFi connections. To configure a device to use MWireless you must be in an area on campus where that SSID or network name is being broadcast. Short videos and detailed instructions are provided for different operating systems.

For Assistance or Questions

Contact the ITS Service Center:

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734-764-HELP (764-4357)