New MWireless, MWireless-UMHS or eduroam Certificate after May 18, 2016

The current certificate used by MWireless, MWireless-UMHS and eduroam is expiring. Please follow these instructions to accept the new certificate to continue using MWireless, MWireless-UMHS and eduroam. Read more

What is eduroam?

* eduroam is still in the early stages of development in the United States. Information below describes the eduroam network and how to connect to it. Because eduroam is just being deployed by institutions in the United States, you may experience occasional difficulties until the service becomes more established.

eduroam at the University of Michigan

eduroam is available in areas where ITS provides the WiFi service on campus.

While you're connected to the eduroam WiFi network at U-M, your machine will be placed on a network that is separate from the main University of Michigan network. There may be some University of Michigan resources that are not available to you on the eduroam network.

UM-Ann Arbor students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use MWireless while on the U-M campus.

In order to use eduroam, both your home and visiting institutions must participate. There are presently a small number of U.S. schools which have deployed eduroam; however the number is growing both in the United States and around the globe, the majority of European schools have eduroam deployed. Maps and lists of participating institutions are provided in the links listed below.

Visitors to UM-Ann Arbor

If you plan to visit the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus from another eduroam participating institution, you should configure and test eduroam on your device(s) before you visit.

UM-Ann Arbor students, faculty and staff

A valid UM-Ann Arbor email address ( and UMICH password are required to connect to eduroam.

To prepare to use eduroam while traveling, connect to eduroam on the Ann Arbor campus. This will save you time, as it verifies your WiFi-enabled device is properly configured to use eduroam when you need it.

  1. Select the eduroam WiFi network.
  2. When prompted, enter your email address including the (e.g.
  3. When prompted, enter your UMICH password.

Once you have done this, if you can see and select the eduroam WiFi network when you are visiting another institution, you should be able connect for network access.

eduroam support for U-M Students, Faculty and Staff

U-M students, faculty and staff should not rely on the visited institution for support when troubleshooting network access with eduroam. Visited institutions are not obligated or prepared to support visitors accessing eduroam. If you experience difficulty connecting to eduroam at another institution (where the eduroam SSID is available) contact the ITS Service Center (4-HELP).


Help Spread the Word!

Promotional materials are available to those wanting to highlight eduroam at the U-M. The materials may be especially useful for University websites, campus events, and bulletin boards.